Neuroendocrine differentiation factor, IA-1, is a transcriptional repressor and contains a specific DNA-binding domain: identification of consensus IA-1 binding sequence.

Breslin MB, Zhu M, Notkins AL, Lan MS
Nucleic Acids Res. 2002 30 (4): 1038-45

PMID: 11842116 · PMCID: PMC100352 · DOI:10.1093/nar/30.4.1038

A novel cDNA, insulinoma-associated antigen-1 (IA-1), containing five zinc-finger DNA-binding motifs, was isolated from a human insulinoma subtraction library. IA-1 expression is restricted to fetal but not adult pancreatic and brain tissues as well as tumors of neuroendocrine origin. Using various GAL4 DNA binding domain (DBD)/IA-1 fusion protein constructs, we demonstrated that IA-1 functions as a transcriptional repressor and that the region between amino acids 168 and 263 contains the majority of the repressor activity. Using a selected and amplified random oligonucleotide binding assay and bacterially expressed GST-IA-1DBD fusion protein (257-510 a.a.), we identified the consensus IA-1 binding sequence, TG/TC/TC/TT/AGGGGG/TCG/A. Further experiments showed that zinc-fingers 2 and 3 of IA-1 are sufficient to demonstrate transcriptional activity using an IA-1 consensus site containing a reporter construct. A database search with the consensus IA-1 binding sequence revealed target sites in a number of pancreas- and brain-specific genes consistent with its restricted expression pattern. The most significant matches were for the 5'-flanking regions of IA-1 and NeuroD/beta2 genes. Co-transfection of cells with either the full-length IA-1 or hEgr-1AD/IA-1DBD construct and IA-1 or NeuroD/beta2 promoter/CAT construct modulated CAT activity. These findings suggest that the IA-1 protein may be auto-regulated and play a role in pancreas and neuronal development, specifically in the regulation of the NeuroD/beta2 gene.

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