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C. elegans unc-4 gene encodes a homeodomain protein that determines the pattern of synaptic input to specific motor neurons.
Miller DM, Shen MM, Shamu CE, B├╝rglin TR, Ruvkun G, Dubois ML, Ghee M, Wilson L
(1992) Nature 355: 841-5
MeSH Terms: Alleles, Amino Acid Sequence, Animals, Base Sequence, Blotting, Southern, Caenorhabditis, Caenorhabditis elegans Proteins, Cosmids, DNA, Genes, Homeobox, Genome, Helminth Proteins, Homeodomain Proteins, Molecular Sequence Data, Motor Neurons, Muscle Proteins, Nuclear Proteins, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Polymorphism, Genetic, Restriction Mapping, Synapses, Transcription, Genetic
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