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Early heart development in the chick embryo: effects of isotretinoin on cell proliferation, alpha-actin synthesis, and development of contractions.
Wiens DJ, Mann TK, Fedderson DE, Rathmell WK, Franck BH
(1992) Differentiation 51: 105-12
MeSH Terms: Actins, Animals, Cell Division, Chick Embryo, Culture Media, Serum-Free, Dose-Response Relationship, Drug, Gene Expression, Heart, In Vitro Techniques, Isoelectric Focusing, Isotretinoin, Myocardial Contraction, Tretinoin
Added October 17, 2015
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Delayed hydrophobic surfactant protein (SP-B, SP-C) expression in fetuses of streptozotocin-treated rats.
Guttentag SH, Phelps DS, Warshaw JB, Floros J
(1992) Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 7: 190-7
MeSH Terms: Actins, Animals, Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental, Female, Fetus, Immunohistochemistry, Lung, Nucleic Acid Hybridization, Pregnancy, Pregnancy in Diabetics, Proteolipids, Pulmonary Surfactants, RNA, Messenger, Rats, Rats, Inbred Strains, Streptozocin
Added January 20, 2015
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