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Distributed but convergent ordering of corticostriatal projections: analysis of the frontal eye field and the supplementary eye field in the macaque monkey.
Parthasarathy HB, Schall JD, Graybiel AM
(1992) J Neurosci 12: 4468-88
MeSH Terms: Animals, Brain Mapping, Cerebral Cortex, Corpus Striatum, Eye Movements, Frontal Lobe, Horseradish Peroxidase, Macaca fascicularis, Macaca mulatta, Methionine, Neural Pathways, Oculomotor Muscles, Putamen, Sulfur Radioisotopes, Wheat Germ Agglutinin-Horseradish Peroxidase Conjugate, Wheat Germ Agglutinins
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