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Genomic Comparison of cag pathogenicity island (PAI)-positive and -negative Helicobacter pylori strains: identification of novel markers for cag PAI-positive strains.
Terry CE, McGinnis LM, Madigan KC, Cao P, Cover TL, Liechti GW, Peek RM, Forsyth MH
(2005) Infect Immun 73: 3794-8
MeSH Terms: Antigens, Bacterial, Bacterial Proteins, Biomarkers, Gene Transfer, Horizontal, Genome, Bacterial, Genomic Islands, Helicobacter pylori, Polymerase Chain Reaction
Show Abstract · Added March 5, 2014
In an analysis of Helicobacter pylori genomic DNA by macroarray methodology, genomic DNA from a panel of cag pathogenicity island (PAI)-negative H. pylori clinical isolates failed to hybridize with 27 genes located outside the cag PAI in a cag PAI-positive reference strain. PCR analyses confirmed that HP0217 (encoding a lipopolysaccharide biosynthetic protein) and HP1079 (encoding a protein of unknown function) were present significantly more frequently in cagA-positive strains than in cagA-negative strains. A low G+C content of these two genes suggests they were acquired by horizontal transfer events.
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