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Bacterial vaginosis and vaginal fluid defensins during pregnancy.
Balu RB, Savitz DA, Ananth CV, Hartmann KE, Miller WC, Thorp JM, Heine RP
(2002) Am J Obstet Gynecol 187: 1267-71
MeSH Terms: Adolescent, Body Fluids, Cohort Studies, Defensins, Female, Gestational Age, Humans, Leukocytes, Neutrophils, Osmolar Concentration, Pregnancy, Vagina, Vaginosis, Bacterial
Added March 5, 2014
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Examining the role of Paneth cells in the small intestine by lineage ablation in transgenic mice.
Garabedian EM, Roberts LJ, McNevin MS, Gordon JI
(1997) J Biol Chem 272: 23729-40
MeSH Terms: Animals, Antigens, Polyomavirus Transforming, Cell Differentiation, Cell Lineage, Defensins, Diphtheria Toxin, Gene Expression Regulation, Intestine, Small, Mice, Mice, Transgenic, Microscopy, Electron, Phenotype, Proteins, Simian virus 40, Species Specificity
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