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Physician-Scientist Training and Programming in Pediatric Residency Programs: A National Survey.
Burns AM, Moore DJ, Forster CS, Powell W, Thammasitboon S, Hostetter MK, Weiss P, Boyer D, Ward MA, Blankenburg R, Heyman MB, Rassbach CE, McPhillips H, French A, Nguyen S, Byrne BJ, Parsons DW, Gonzalez F, Nowalk AJ, Ho J, Kumar S, Orange JS, Ackerman KG
(2022) J Pediatr 241: 5-9.e3
MeSH Terms: Biomedical Research, Curriculum, Humans, Internship and Residency, Pediatrics, Surveys and Questionnaires, United States
Added July 23, 2021
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7 MeSH Terms
Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: advice on sustaining science and mentoring during COVID-19.
Forster CS, Nguyen ST, Powell WT, Moore DJ, Ho J, Heyman MB, Wenger TL, Gonzalez F, Hostetter M, Nowalk A, Rassbach CE, Boyer D, Weiss P, Blankenburg RL, Orange JS, Ackerman KG, Burns AM, National Pediatric Physician-Scientist Collaborative Workgroup
(2021) Pediatr Res 90: 738-743
MeSH Terms: Biomedical Research, COVID-19, Career Mobility, Education, Medical, Graduate, Efficiency, Humans, Interpersonal Relations, Mental Health, Mentors, Pediatricians, Pediatrics, Societies, Medical
Added January 28, 2021
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12 MeSH Terms
Pushing the boundaries with collision collaboration: the marriage of ideas.
Rathmell JC, Rathmell WK
(2021) J Clin Invest 131:
MeSH Terms: Biomedical Research, COVID-19, Humans, Interdisciplinary Research, SARS-CoV-2
Added April 27, 2021
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5 MeSH Terms
Parental Factors Associated With the Decision to Participate in a Neonatal Clinical Trial.
Weiss EM, Olszewski AE, Guttmann KF, Magnus BE, Li S, Shah AR, Juul SE, Wu YW, Ahmad KA, Bendel-Stenzel E, Isaza NA, Lampland AL, Mathur AM, Rao R, Riley D, Russell DG, Salih ZNI, Torr CB, Weitkamp JH, Anani UE, Chang T, Dudley J, Flibotte J, Havrilla EM, Kathen CM, O'Kane AC, Perez K, Stanley BJ, Wilfond BS, Shah SK
(2021) JAMA Netw Open 4: e2032106
MeSH Terms: Biomedical Research, Clinical Trials as Topic, Female, Humans, Infant, Newborn, Male, Parental Consent, Parents, Refusal to Participate, Surveys and Questionnaires, Trust
Added April 16, 2021
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MeSH Terms
A Cytometrist's Guide to Coordinating and Performing Effective COVID-19 Research.
Chattopadhyay PK, Filby A, Jellison ER, Ferrari G, Green C, Cherian S, Irish J, Litwin V, other members of the ISAC COVID-19 Work Group
(2021) Cytometry A 99: 11-18
MeSH Terms: Biomedical Research, COVID-19, Containment of Biohazards, Flow Cytometry, Humans, Information Dissemination, SARS-CoV-2, Translational Research, Biomedical
Added January 13, 2021
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8 MeSH Terms
An interspecies translation model implicates integrin signaling in infliximab-resistant inflammatory bowel disease.
Brubaker DK, Kumar MP, Chiswick EL, Gregg C, Starchenko A, Vega PN, Southard-Smith AN, Simmons AJ, Scoville EA, Coburn LA, Wilson KT, Lau KS, Lauffenburger DA
(2020) Sci Signal 13:
MeSH Terms: Animals, Cells, Cultured, Disease Models, Animal, Drug Resistance, Gastrointestinal Agents, Gene Expression Profiling, Humans, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Infliximab, Integrin alpha1, Integrins, Male, Mice, Proteomics, RNA-Seq, Signal Transduction, Single-Cell Analysis, Species Specificity, Translational Research, Biomedical
Added August 6, 2020
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19 MeSH Terms
From Stigma to Validation: A Qualitative Assessment of a Novel National Program to Improve Retention of Physician-Scientists with Caregiving Responsibilities.
Jones RD, Miller J, Vitous CA, Krenz C, Brady KT, Brown AJ, Daumit GL, Drake AF, Fraser VJ, Hartmann KE, Hochman JS, Girdler S, Kalet AL, Libby AM, Mangurian C, Regensteiner JG, Yonkers K, Jagsi R
(2020) J Womens Health (Larchmt) 29: 1547-1558
MeSH Terms: Biomedical Research, Caregivers, Faculty, Medical, Female, Financing, Organized, Humans, Interviews as Topic, Male, Physicians, Pregnancy, Program Evaluation, Qualitative Research, Research Personnel, Research Support as Topic, Social Stigma, Social Support, United States
Added August 5, 2020
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17 MeSH Terms
Research Priorities for Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Working Group Summary.
Shah SJ, Borlaug BA, Kitzman DW, McCulloch AD, Blaxall BC, Agarwal R, Chirinos JA, Collins S, Deo RC, Gladwin MT, Granzier H, Hummel SL, Kass DA, Redfield MM, Sam F, Wang TJ, Desvigne-Nickens P, Adhikari BB
(2020) Circulation 141: 1001-1026
MeSH Terms: Heart Failure, Humans, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (U.S.), Research, Stroke Volume, United States
Added July 22, 2020
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6 MeSH Terms
SJS/TEN 2019: From science to translation.
Chang WC, Abe R, Anderson P, Anderson W, Ardern-Jones MR, Beachkofsky TM, Bellón T, Biala AK, Bouchard C, Cavalleri GL, Chapman N, Chodosh J, Choi HK, Cibotti RR, Divito SJ, Dewar K, Dehaeck U, Etminan M, Forbes D, Fuchs E, Goldman JL, Holmes JH, Hope EA, Hung SI, Hsieh CL, Iovieno A, Jagdeo J, Kim MK, Koelle DM, Lacouture ME, Le Pallec S, Lehloenya RJ, Lim R, Lowe A, McCawley J, McCawley J, Micheletti RG, Mockenhaupt M, Niemeyer K, Norcross MA, Oboh D, Olteanu C, Pasieka HB, Peter J, Pirmohamed M, Rieder M, Saeed HN, Shear NH, Shieh C, Straus S, Sukasem C, Sung C, Trubiano JA, Tsou SY, Ueta M, Volpi S, Wan C, Wang H, Wang ZQ, Weintraub J, Whale C, Wheatley LM, Whyte-Croasdaile S, Williams KB, Wright G, Yeung SN, Zhou L, Chung WH, Phillips EJ, Carleton BC
(2020) J Dermatol Sci 98: 2-12
MeSH Terms: Congresses as Topic, Global Burden of Disease, Global Health, Health Services Needs and Demand, Humans, International Cooperation, Patient Care Team, Pharmacogenetics, Registries, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Translational Research, Biomedical
Added March 30, 2020
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11 MeSH Terms
Fixing the leaky pipeline: identifying solutions for improving pediatrician-scientist training during pediatric residency.
Burns AM, Ackerman KG, Thammasitboon S, Rassbach CE, Ward MA, Blankenburg RL, Forster CS, McPhillips HA, Wenger TL, Powell WT, Heyman MB, Hogarty MD, Boyer D, Hostetter M, Weiss P, Nguyen ST, Parsons DW, Moore DJ, Byrne BJ, French AR, Orange JS
(2020) Pediatr Res 88: 163-167
MeSH Terms: Career Choice, Child, Financing, Government, Hospitals, Pediatric, Humans, Internship and Residency, Mentors, National Institutes of Health (U.S.), Pediatricians, Pediatrics, Research Support as Topic, Training Support, Translational Research, Biomedical, United States
Added March 19, 2020
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14 MeSH Terms