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MALDI imaging mass spectrometry of β- and γ-crystallins in the ocular lens.
Anderson DM, Nye-Wood MG, Rose KL, Donaldson PJ, Grey AC, Schey KL
(2020) J Mass Spectrom 55: e4473
MeSH Terms: Adult, Age Factors, Animals, Cattle, Humans, Lens, Crystalline, Middle Aged, Molecular Imaging, Spectrometry, Mass, Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization, beta-Crystallins, gamma-Crystallins
Added March 24, 2020
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11 MeSH Terms
Expression of Cataract-linked γ-Crystallin Variants in Zebrafish Reveals a Proteostasis Network That Senses Protein Stability.
Wu SY, Zou P, Fuller AW, Mishra S, Wang Z, Schey KL, Mchaourab HS
(2016) J Biol Chem 291: 25387-25397
MeSH Terms: Animals, Cataract, Lens Capsule, Crystalline, Mice, Mutation, Protein Aggregates, Zebrafish, Zebrafish Proteins, alpha-Crystallin A Chain, gamma-Crystallins
Added May 6, 2017
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10 MeSH Terms
Tyrosine/cysteine cluster sensitizing human γD-crystallin to ultraviolet radiation-induced photoaggregation in vitro.
Schafheimer N, Wang Z, Schey K, King J
(2014) Biochemistry 53: 979-90
MeSH Terms: Amino Acid Substitution, Cataract, Cysteine, Humans, Lens, Crystalline, Protein Denaturation, Protein Folding, Protein Structure, Quaternary, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Ultraviolet Rays, gamma-Crystallins
Added May 27, 2014
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12 MeSH Terms