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Plasma apoM and S1P levels are inversely associated with mortality in African Americans with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Liu M, Frej C, Langefeld CD, Divers J, Bowden DW, Carr JJ, Gebre AK, Xu J, Larsson B, Dahlbäck B, Freedman BI, Parks JS
(2019) J Lipid Res 60: 1425-1431
MeSH Terms: African Americans, Apolipoproteins M, Biomarkers, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2, Disease-Free Survival, Female, Humans, Lysophospholipids, Male, Middle Aged, Sphingosine, Survival Rate
Added January 10, 2020
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12 MeSH Terms
Defective Sphingosine-1-phosphate metabolism is a druggable target in Huntington's disease.
Di Pardo A, Amico E, Basit A, Armirotti A, Joshi P, Neely MD, Vuono R, Castaldo S, Digilio AF, Scalabrì F, Pepe G, Elifani F, Madonna M, Jeong SK, Park BM, D'Esposito M, Bowman AB, Barker RA, Maglione V
(2017) Sci Rep 7: 5280
MeSH Terms: Aged, Aldehyde-Lyases, Animals, Disease Models, Animal, Enzyme Inhibitors, Gene Expression Regulation, Humans, Huntington Disease, Lysophospholipids, Male, Mice, Molecular Targeted Therapy, Phosphotransferases (Alcohol Group Acceptor), Receptors, Lysosphingolipid, Sphingosine
Added April 11, 2018
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Editorial: Feeling the burn: sphingolipids and infection risk after thermal injury.
Bohannon JK, Sherwood ER
(2016) J Leukoc Biol 100: 1227-1228
MeSH Terms: Humans, Lysophospholipids, Neutral Ceramidase, Sphingolipids, Sphingosine
Added December 13, 2016
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5 MeSH Terms
Activation of sphingosine-1-phosphate 1 receptor in the proximal tubule protects against ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Bajwa A, Jo SK, Ye H, Huang L, Dondeti KR, Rosin DL, Haase VH, Macdonald TL, Lynch KR, Okusa MD
(2010) J Am Soc Nephrol 21: 955-65
MeSH Terms: Acute Kidney Injury, Animals, Apoptosis, Cell Movement, Disease Models, Animal, Epithelial Cells, Fingolimod Hydrochloride, Homeodomain Proteins, Kidney Tubules, Proximal, Leukocytes, Lipopolysaccharides, Mice, Mice, Knockout, Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinases, Oxadiazoles, Propylene Glycols, RNA, Messenger, Receptors, Lysosphingolipid, Reperfusion Injury, Signal Transduction, Sphingosine, Thiophenes
Added August 19, 2013
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S1P/S1P2 signaling induces cyclooxygenase-2 expression in Wilms tumor.
Li MH, Sanchez T, Milne GL, Morrow JD, Hla T, Ferrer F
(2009) J Urol 181: 1347-52
MeSH Terms: Cyclooxygenase 2, Humans, Kidney Neoplasms, Receptors, Lysosphingolipid, Signal Transduction, Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptors, Tumor Cells, Cultured, Wilms Tumor
Added March 26, 2014
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Another view of T cell antigen recognition: cooperative engagement of glycolipid antigens by Va14Ja18 natural T(iNKT) cell receptor [corrected].
Stanic AK, Shashidharamurthy R, Bezbradica JS, Matsuki N, Yoshimura Y, Miyake S, Choi EY, Schell TD, Van Kaer L, Tevethia SS, Roopenian DC, Yamamura T, Joyce S
(2003) J Immunol 171: 4539-51
MeSH Terms: Animals, Antigens, Antigens, CD1, Antigens, CD1d, Cell Line, Clone Cells, Cytotoxicity Tests, Immunologic, Galactosylceramides, Killer Cells, Natural, Kinetics, Lymphocyte Activation, Mice, Mice, Inbred C57BL, Mice, Transgenic, Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, alpha-beta, Sensitivity and Specificity, Sphingosine, Structure-Activity Relationship, T-Lymphocyte Subsets
Added December 10, 2013
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Inhibitors of protein kinase C prevent enhancement of calcium current and action potentials in peptidergic neurons of Aplysia.
Conn PJ, Strong JA, Kaczmarek LK
(1989) J Neurosci 9: 480-7
MeSH Terms: 1-(5-Isoquinolinesulfonyl)-2-Methylpiperazine, Abdomen, Action Potentials, Animals, Aplysia, Calcium, Electrophysiology, Ganglia, Isoquinolines, Neurons, Neuropeptides, Piperazines, Protein Kinase C, Sphingosine, Tetradecanoylphorbol Acetate
Added February 19, 2015
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15 MeSH Terms