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Complex febrile seizures followed by complete recovery in an infant with high-titer 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus infection.
O'Leary MF, Chappell JD, Stratton CW, Cronin RM, Taylor MB, Tang YW
(2010) J Clin Microbiol 48: 3803-5
MeSH Terms: Humans, Infant, Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype, Influenza, Human, Male, Nasopharynx, Oseltamivir, Seizures, Febrile, Viral Load
Added August 25, 2015
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9 MeSH Terms
Sotalol-induced torsades de pointes precipitated during treatment with oseltamivir for H1N1 influenza.
Wells Q, Hardin B, Raj SR, Darbar D
(2010) Heart Rhythm 7: 1454-7
MeSH Terms: Aged, Anti-Arrhythmia Agents, Antiviral Agents, Drug Interactions, Electrocardiography, Female, Humans, Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype, Influenza, Human, Middle Aged, Oseltamivir, Sotalol, Torsades de Pointes
Added February 28, 2014
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13 MeSH Terms
Use of intravenous zanamivir after development of oseltamivir resistance in a critically Ill immunosuppressed child infected with 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus.
Dulek DE, Williams JV, Creech CB, Schulert AK, Frangoul HA, Domm J, Denison MR, Chappell JD
(2010) Clin Infect Dis 50: 1493-6
MeSH Terms: Antiviral Agents, Compassionate Use Trials, Critical Illness, Drug Resistance, Viral, Female, Humans, Immunocompromised Host, Infant, Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype, Influenza, Human, Injections, Intravenous, Oseltamivir, Treatment Outcome, Viral Load, Zanamivir
Added February 3, 2014
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15 MeSH Terms