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Initially intact neural responses to pain in autism are diminished during sustained pain.
Failla MD, Moana-Filho EJ, Essick GK, Baranek GT, Rogers BP, Cascio CJ
(2018) Autism 22: 669-683
MeSH Terms: Adolescent, Adult, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Brain, Case-Control Studies, Female, Functional Neuroimaging, Gyrus Cinguli, Hot Temperature, Humans, Hyperesthesia, Hypesthesia, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Male, Pain, Pain Perception, Pain Threshold, Self-Injurious Behavior, Young Adult
Added March 14, 2018
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Temporal summation to thermal stimuli is elevated in women with overactive bladder syndrome.
Reynolds WS, Brown ET, Danford J, Kaufman M, Wein A, Dmochowski R, Bruehl S
(2017) Neurourol Urodyn 36: 1108-1112
MeSH Terms: Adult, Afferent Pathways, Aged, Central Nervous System Sensitization, Female, Hot Temperature, Humans, Hyperesthesia, Middle Aged, Pain, Pain Measurement, Pain Perception, Pain Threshold, Urinary Bladder, Overactive
Added September 16, 2019
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