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Predicting near-UV electronic circular dichroism in nucleosomal DNA by means of DFT response theory.
Norman P, Parello J, Polavarapu PL, Linares M
(2015) Phys Chem Chem Phys 17: 21866-79
MeSH Terms: Base Pairing, Circular Dichroism, DNA, B-Form, Electrons, Models, Molecular, Nucleosides, Nucleosomes, Quantum Theory, Spectrophotometry, Ultraviolet, Thermodynamics
Added April 10, 2018
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Structure, stability and function of 5-chlorouracil modified A:U and G:U base pairs.
Patra A, Harp J, Pallan PS, Zhao L, Abramov M, Herdewijn P, Egli M
(2013) Nucleic Acids Res 41: 2689-97
MeSH Terms: Adenine, Base Pairing, DNA, B-Form, Deoxyribonuclease EcoRI, Guanine, Models, Molecular, Ribonuclease H, Thermodynamics, Uracil
Added March 7, 2014
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