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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus From Inactivation of Prolactin Receptor and MafB in Islet β-Cells.
Banerjee RR, Cyphert HA, Walker EM, Chakravarthy H, Peiris H, Gu X, Liu Y, Conrad E, Goodrich L, Stein RW, Kim SK
(2016) Diabetes 65: 2331-41
MeSH Terms: Animals, Cell Proliferation, Cells, Cultured, Cyclin A2, Cyclin B1, Cyclin B2, Cyclin D1, Cyclin D2, Diabetes, Gestational, Female, Forkhead Box Protein M1, Insulin, Insulin-Secreting Cells, MafB Transcription Factor, Male, Mice, Mice, Inbred C57BL, Mice, Knockout, Pregnancy, Receptors, Prolactin, Serotonin, Signal Transduction, Tryptophan Hydroxylase
Added September 19, 2016
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23 MeSH Terms
Identification of Genetic Susceptibility Loci for Colorectal Tumors in a Genome-Wide Meta-analysis.
Peters U, Jiao S, Schumacher FR, Hutter CM, Aragaki AK, Baron JA, Berndt SI, Bézieau S, Brenner H, Butterbach K, Caan BJ, Campbell PT, Carlson CS, Casey G, Chan AT, Chang-Claude J, Chanock SJ, Chen LS, Coetzee GA, Coetzee SG, Conti DV, Curtis KR, Duggan D, Edwards T, Fuchs CS, Gallinger S, Giovannucci EL, Gogarten SM, Gruber SB, Haile RW, Harrison TA, Hayes RB, Henderson BE, Hoffmeister M, Hopper JL, Hudson TJ, Hunter DJ, Jackson RD, Jee SH, Jenkins MA, Jia WH, Kolonel LN, Kooperberg C, Küry S, Lacroix AZ, Laurie CC, Laurie CA, Le Marchand L, Lemire M, Levine D, Lindor NM, Liu Y, Ma J, Makar KW, Matsuo K, Newcomb PA, Potter JD, Prentice RL, Qu C, Rohan T, Rosse SA, Schoen RE, Seminara D, Shrubsole M, Shu XO, Slattery ML, Taverna D, Thibodeau SN, Ulrich CM, White E, Xiang Y, Zanke BW, Zeng YX, Zhang B, Zheng W, Hsu L, Colon Cancer Family Registry and the Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium
(2013) Gastroenterology 144: 799-807.e24
MeSH Terms: Age Distribution, Aged, Aged, 80 and over, Colorectal Neoplasms, Cyclin D2, DNA-Binding Proteins, Female, Genetic Loci, Genetic Predisposition to Disease, Genome-Wide Association Study, Humans, Incidence, Laminin, Male, Middle Aged, Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide, Prognosis, Risk Assessment, Sex Distribution, T-Box Domain Proteins
Added March 10, 2014
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20 MeSH Terms
Genome-wide association analyses in East Asians identify new susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer.
Jia WH, Zhang B, Matsuo K, Shin A, Xiang YB, Jee SH, Kim DH, Ren Z, Cai Q, Long J, Shi J, Wen W, Yang G, Delahanty RJ, Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium (GECCO), Colon Cancer Family Registry (CCFR), Ji BT, Pan ZZ, Matsuda F, Gao YT, Oh JH, Ahn YO, Park EJ, Li HL, Park JW, Jo J, Jeong JY, Hosono S, Casey G, Peters U, Shu XO, Zeng YX, Zheng W
(2013) Nat Genet 45: 191-6
MeSH Terms: Asians, Chromosomes, Human, Pair 12, Chromosomes, Human, Pair 20, Chromosomes, Human, Pair 5, Colorectal Neoplasms, Cyclin D2, Far East, Genetic Predisposition to Disease, Genetics, Population, Genome, Human, Genome-Wide Association Study, Genotype, Humans, Odds Ratio, Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide, Principal Component Analysis, Whites
Added March 18, 2014
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17 MeSH Terms
Cyclin D1 inactivation extends proliferation and alters histogenesis in the postnatal mouse retina.
Das G, Clark AM, Levine EM
(2012) Dev Dyn 241: 941-52
MeSH Terms: Animals, Cell Cycle, Cell Differentiation, Cell Proliferation, Cyclin D1, Cyclin D2, Cyclin D3, Mice, Mice, Knockout, Retina, Stem Cells
Added November 2, 2015
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11 MeSH Terms
NF-κB inducing kinase (NIK) modulates melanoma tumorigenesis by regulating expression of pro-survival factors through the β-catenin pathway.
Thu YM, Su Y, Yang J, Splittgerber R, Na S, Boyd A, Mosse C, Simons C, Richmond A
(2012) Oncogene 31: 2580-92
MeSH Terms: Animals, Apoptosis, Cell Line, Tumor, Cell Proliferation, Cell Survival, Cyclin D2, Down-Regulation, Enzyme Activation, Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic, Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic, Genes, bcl-2, Genes, myc, Humans, Melanoma, Melanoma, Experimental, Mice, Neoplasm Metastasis, Protein Serine-Threonine Kinases, RNA, Small Interfering, Signal Transduction, beta Catenin
Added June 14, 2013
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21 MeSH Terms
Glucose regulates cyclin D2 expression in quiescent and replicating pancreatic β-cells through glycolysis and calcium channels.
Salpeter SJ, Klochendler A, Weinberg-Corem N, Porat S, Granot Z, Shapiro AM, Magnuson MA, Eden A, Grimsby J, Glaser B, Dor Y
(2011) Endocrinology 152: 2589-98
MeSH Terms: Animals, Calcium Channel Agonists, Calcium Channels, Cell Cycle, Cell Line, Cell Nucleus, Cell Proliferation, Cyclin D2, Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental, Enzyme Inhibitors, Gene Expression Regulation, Glucose, Glycolysis, Humans, Islets of Langerhans, Male, Mice, Mice, Inbred ICR, Mice, Transgenic, Organ Culture Techniques, RNA, Messenger
Added January 8, 2012
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21 MeSH Terms
Inhibition of cell growth by TGF beta 1 is associated with inhibition of B-myb and cyclin A in both BALB/MK and Mv1Lu cells.
Satterwhite DJ, Aakre ME, Gorska AE, Moses HL
(1994) Cell Growth Differ 5: 789-99
MeSH Terms: Animals, Cell Division, Cell Line, Cyclin D1, Cyclin D2, Cyclins, Epithelial Cells, Epithelium, Gene Expression Regulation, Keratinocytes, Lung, Mice, Mice, Inbred BALB C, Mink, Mitogens, Oncogene Proteins, Oncogenes, RNA, Messenger, Transforming Growth Factor beta
Added February 17, 2014
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19 MeSH Terms