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What are the risks and the benefits of current and emerging weight-loss medications?
Robinson JR, Niswender KD
(2009) Curr Diab Rep 9: 368-75
MeSH Terms: Anti-Obesity Agents, Cyclobutanes, Humans, Lactones, Obesity, Orlistat, Weight Loss
Added June 25, 2013
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7 MeSH Terms
Inhaled isobutyl nitrite inhibited macrophage inducible nitric oxide by blocking NFkappaB signaling and promoting degradation of inducible nitric oxide synthase-2.
Ponnappan U, Yull FE, Soderberg LS
(2004) Int Immunopharmacol 4: 1075-82
MeSH Terms: Administration, Inhalation, Animals, Blotting, Western, Butanes, Female, I-kappa B Proteins, Immunoprecipitation, Macrophages, Peritoneal, Mice, Mice, Inbred C57BL, Mice, Transgenic, NF-KappaB Inhibitor alpha, NF-kappa B, Nitrates, Nitric Oxide, Nitric Oxide Synthase, Nitric Oxide Synthase Type II, Phosphorylation, Signal Transduction, Ubiquitin
Added February 26, 2013
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20 MeSH Terms
Paradoxical effect of sibutramine on autonomic cardiovascular regulation.
Birkenfeld AL, Schroeder C, Boschmann M, Tank J, Franke G, Luft FC, Biaggioni I, Sharma AM, Jordan J
(2002) Circulation 106: 2459-65
MeSH Terms: Adrenergic beta-Antagonists, Adult, Anti-Obesity Agents, Autonomic Nervous System, Baroreflex, Biological Clocks, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Physiological Phenomena, Cardiovascular System, Cold Temperature, Cross-Over Studies, Cyclobutanes, Double-Blind Method, Female, Hand Strength, Heart Rate, Humans, Male, Metoprolol, Norepinephrine Plasma Membrane Transport Proteins, Physical Stimulation, Reference Values, Symporters, Tilt-Table Test, Valsalva Maneuver
Added December 10, 2013
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25 MeSH Terms
Amyloid beta peptides do not form peptide-derived free radicals spontaneously, but can enhance metal-catalyzed oxidation of hydroxylamines to nitroxides.
Dikalov SI, Vitek MP, Maples KR, Mason RP
(1999) J Biol Chem 274: 9392-9
MeSH Terms: Amyloid beta-Peptides, Butanes, Catalysis, Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid, Copper, Cyclic N-Oxides, Ferric Compounds, Free Radicals, Hydroxylamines, Metals, Nitrogen Oxides, Oxidation-Reduction, Piperidines, Spin Labels
Added March 26, 2019
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