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Risk Factors for Targeted Fungal and Mycobacterial Infections in Patients Taking Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors.
Salt E, Wiggins AT, Rayens MK, Huaman MA, Mannino D, Schwieterman P, Merkley SA, Jones AR, Crofford LJ
(2016) Arthritis Rheumatol 68: 597-603
MeSH Terms: Blastomycosis, Case-Control Studies, Coccidioidomycosis, Cryptococcosis, Female, Histoplasmosis, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Mycobacterium Infections, Mycoses, Pneumonia, Pneumocystis, Prednisone, Risk Factors, Tuberculosis, Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors
Added March 25, 2020
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Marked polymorphonuclear pleocytosis due to blastomycotic meningitis: case report and review.
Harley WB, Lomis M, Haas DW
(1994) Clin Infect Dis 18: 816-8
MeSH Terms: Blastomycosis, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Diagnosis, Differential, Disease Susceptibility, Hodgkin Disease, Humans, Leukocyte Count, Male, Meningitis, Fungal, Middle Aged, Neutrophils, Sinusitis, Spinal Puncture
Added March 13, 2015
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13 MeSH Terms