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The Value of Psychiatric Diagnoses.
Heckers S
(2015) JAMA Psychiatry 72: 1165-6
MeSH Terms: Behavioral Research, Humans, Mental Disorders
Added February 22, 2016
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Challenges of using the internet for behavioral research.
Loescher LJ, Hibler E, Hiscox H, Hla H, Harris RB
(2011) Comput Inform Nurs 29: 445-8
MeSH Terms: Behavioral Research, Data Collection, Feasibility Studies, Humans, Internet, Nursing Methodology Research, Pilot Projects, Video Recording
Show Abstract · Added December 29, 2014
Using the Internet in behavioral research remains a challenge. We developed a video intervention and conducted a pilot study that was designed to deliver and test the intervention via the Internet. One aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of using the Internet to both deliver the intervention and collect data from participants. This article summarizes procedures for delivering the intervention and survey via the Internet, obstacles encountered during delivery of the intervention and data collection, and lessons learned that can be applied to future research involving the Internet.
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8 MeSH Terms
Developing novel treatments for mood disorders: accelerating discovery.
Tamminga CA, Nemeroff CB, Blakely RD, Brady L, Carter CS, Davis KL, Dingledine R, Gorman JM, Grigoriadis DE, Henderson DC, B Innis RB, Killen J, Laughren TP, McDonald WM, M Murphy GM, Paul SM, Rudorfer MV, Sausville E, Schatzberg AF, Scolnick EM, Suppes T
(2002) Biol Psychiatry 52: 589-609
MeSH Terms: Animals, Antidepressive Agents, Behavioral Research, Brain, Clinical Trials as Topic, Diagnostic Imaging, Financing, Government, Genetics, Behavioral, Humans, Mood Disorders, National Institute of Mental Health (U.S.), Pharmacogenetics, Research, United States
Show Abstract · Added July 10, 2013
This review was generated from discussions by the Pharmacologic and Somatic Treatments Section of the National Institute of Mental Health Strategic Plan for Mood Disorders Committee on advancing novel pharmacologic and somatic treatments for mood disorders. The opening section of the article summarizes in broad strokes, current pharmacologic treatments, and new directions in the field. Thereafter the topics focus on specific research initiatives that could advance the current therapeutics for mood disorders including new basic and clinical research in vivo human imaging procedures, somatic therapeutics, and the vast new area of pharmacogenetics. New scientific and technical opportunities exist today based on advances in basic neuroscience, opportunities in clinical testing, industry interest in advancing central nervous system therapeutics, and on active consumer advocacy groups. The question of how to bring all of these positive forces together to accelerate discovery in mood disorder thera-peutics is the topic of this article.
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