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Linda Gower, B.S. A. A. S. L.V.T.

Senior Research Specialist, Transgenic Mouse/ES Cell Shared Resource

Erin Gribben, B.S.F.R., M.S

VAPR Lab member, The Vanderbilt Antibody and Protein Resource

Min Guo

Member, Beta Cell Interest Group

Jalal Hamaamen

Research Assistant, Beauchamp Laboratory

Jing Hao, MD, MS

Lab Manager, Quaranta Lab

Elke Hoffman

No community affiliations available

Ruiying Hu, Master

Research assistant, Gu Lab

Chrys Hulbert, MS

Laboratory Manager, James (Tom) Thomas Laboratory

Freyja James, BS

Reseach Assistant, Wasserman Lab

Merrygay James, B.A.

No community affiliations available

Elizabeth Johnson, Ph.D.

Lab Manager, Crofford Lab

C Andrew Johnson

Research Assistant II, Richmond Lab

Cody Keating, M.S.

Manager, Williams Lab

Zachary Kistka, MD

Member, Beta Cell Interest Group

Brenda Leake

No community affiliations available

Keeli Lewis, B.S.

Clinical Trials Specialist, Beauchamp Laboratory

Mingyu Li, Ph.D

Member, Beta Cell Interest Group

Lisette Maddison, Ph.D.

Member, Beta Cell Interest Group

Carlo Malabanan, BS

Research Assistant, Vanderbilt Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center

Denise Malone, B.S.

Program Manager, Conte Center for Neuroscience Research
Information Manager, Blakely Lab

Kathryn Masood-Campbell, B.S. Biology

Research Assistant, Elefteriou Lab

Matthew Maulis, BS

Member, Beta Cell Interest Group

Caree McAfee, MA, CHES

Faculty Member, HPV-Associated Cancer ConsorTIum at VandErbilt

W. McDonald, PhD

Faculty Member, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Shaojun Mei, M.D.

Research Assistant, Core, Islet Procurement and Analysis Core

Lindsay Meyers, MDiv

Member, Quantitative Systems Biology Center

Susan Meyn

No community affiliations available

Lindsey Moore

No community affiliations available

Tracy Moore-Jarrett, M.S., B.S.

No community affiliations available

John Neff, B.S.

Laboratory Manager, Beauchamp Laboratory