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2022 VCSCB Symposium - Stem Cell States and TransitionsPagevcscb, stem cells, symposium16978
4T1Cell Linemammary gland, cell lines, training4290
Add a Labnodes Collection and/or Resource VideoPagecollection, resource, labnodes, video, information management10676
Add a Resource to an Existing Labnodes Collection VideoPageresource, video, collections3145
Ancient sea creature unlocks a mystery of how tissue developed -- April 20, 2017Pagenews, Matrix Biology15247
Antibiotic selection of gene targeted mESCsProtocoldiphtheria toxin, gene targeting, geneticin, hygromycin B, selectable markers3064
ASMB 2018 - Oct. 14-17 - Register Now -- February 20, 2018PageNews, Matrix Biology15685
ASMB Workshop at Vanderbilt; Apply soon, deadline approaching -- June 2, 2017PageNews, Matrix Biology15290
Aspirnaut program helps launch students into science -- July 20, 2017Pagenews, Matrix Biology15403
Assign a Delegate to Manage your Member ProfilePageprofile, contact information, publications5507
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