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NIH Distinguished Professor, Kenneth Yamada, to Visit VUMC to Discuss Dynamics of Cell-Matrix Interactions -- December 17, 2018Page16151
Nine Aspirnaut™ undergraduate summer research interns attend ASN -- November 9, 2017Pagenews, Matrix Biology, ASN, CMB, Aspirnaut, VUMC, outreach, undergraduate15592
Pck1tm1.1MgnMouse StrainPck1, pcklox, PEPCK513
pFRT.LoxPPlasmid VectorTK, Neo, LoxP, gene targeting, FRT, conditional allele92
pLCA.66.2272Plasmid VectorRMCE, puro(delta)TK, Lox2272, Lox66, EM7neo20
Ptf1atm1.1MgnMouse StrainYFP, RMCE, Ptf1a, ptf1aYFP, fluorescent reporter518
Puregene DNA isolation from earsProtocolmouse, ears, DNA extraction369
SPRING Meetings Resume September 23, 2020Page16875
The Future of Science Education -- March 5, 2010PageNews, Matrix Biology14767
Vanderbilt Diabetes: Tour de Cure 2016PageVanderbilt Tour de Cure, volunteer, ride, donate, Diabetes, support, American Diabetes Association, ADA14072
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