Kevin Ess
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Last active: 2/16/2016

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Vanderbilt Diabetes: Tour de Cure 2016PageVanderbilt Tour de Cure, volunteer, ride, donate, Diabetes, support, American Diabetes Association, ADA14072
B6;129S6-Ptf1atm3Cvw/VuMouse StrainPtf1alox, Ptf1a, Cvw, loxP site5522
B6.Cg-Tg(Alb-Cre)21Mgn/JMouse StrainAlb-Cre, albumin, transgenic reporter, cre4764
B6.129S6-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(Pdx1.YFP)Mgn/VuMouse StrainYFP, TetO, Rosa26, Pdx1, Mgn2635
CD1;129S6-Nepntm1(Cherry)Mgn/VuMouse StrainNephrocan, mCherry, RFP, fluorescent reporter, Mgn2634
B6;129S6-Gt(Rosa)Sortm3(CFP)MgnMouse StrainRosa26, fluorescent reporter, CFP1484
B6;129S6-Gt(Rosa)26Sortm4(EYFP)MgnMouse StrainYFP, Rosa26, RMCE, fluorescent reporter1410
B6;129S6-Gt(Rosa)26Sortm2(mCherry)MgnMouse StrainRosa26, R26.EN.Cherry.Neo, mCherry, RMCE, RFP, fluorescent reporter1343
B6;129S6-Ptf1atm3.1(rtTA)MgnMouse StrainrtTA, Ptf1a, doxycycline, RMCE, tetracycline1342
Vertical ImagesPagePhotos, Images1159
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