Philip Kingsley
Last active: 3/12/2020

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  3. Substrate-Selective Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2: Development and Evaluation of Achiral Profen Probes. Windsor MA, Hermanson DJ, Kingsley PJ, Xu S, Crews BC, Ho W, Keenan CM, Banerjee S, Sharkey KA, Marnett LJ (2012) ACS Med Chem Lett 3(9): 759-763
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  4. Selection of monoclonal antibodies against 6-oxo-M(1)dG and their use in an LC-MS/MS assay for the presence of 6-oxo-M(1)dG in vivo. Akingbade D, Kingsley PJ, Shuck SC, Cooper T, Carnahan R, Szekely J, Marnett LJ (2012) Chem Res Toxicol 25(2): 454-61
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  8. Repeated homotypic stress elevates 2-arachidonoylglycerol levels and enhances short-term endocannabinoid signaling at inhibitory synapses in basolateral amygdala. Patel S, Kingsley PJ, Mackie K, Marnett LJ, Winder DG (2009) Neuropsychopharmacology 34(13): 2699-709
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  9. Genetic loss of Faah compromises male fertility in mice. Sun X, Wang H, Okabe M, Mackie K, Kingsley PJ, Marnett LJ, Cravatt BF, Dey SK (2009) Biol Reprod 80(2): 235-42
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  10. Characterization of an AM404 analogue, N-(3-hydroxyphenyl)arachidonoylamide, as a substrate and inactivator of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase. Turman MV, Kingsley PJ, Marnett LJ (2009) Biochemistry 48(51): 12233-41
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