Craig brooks
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Last active: 3/14/2019

  1. Mitochondrial dynamics: regulatory mechanisms and emerging role in renal pathophysiology. Zhan M, Brooks C, Liu F, Sun L, Dong Z (2013) Kidney Int 83(4): 568-81
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  2. Kim-1/Tim-1 and immune cells: shifting sands. Ichimura T, Brooks CR, Bonventre JV (2012) Kidney Int 81(9): 809-11
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  3. Imaging of podocyte foot processes by fluorescence microscopy. Grgic I, Brooks CR, Hofmeister AF, Bijol V, Bonventre JV, Humphreys BD (2012) J Am Soc Nephrol 23(5): 785-91
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  4. Defect in regulatory B-cell function and development of systemic autoimmunity in T-cell Ig mucin 1 (Tim-1) mucin domain-mutant mice. Xiao S, Brooks CR, Zhu C, Wu C, Sweere JM, Petecka S, Yeste A, Quintana FJ, Ichimura T, Sobel RA, Bonventre JV, Kuchroo VK (2012) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109(30): 12105-10
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  5. Fragmented mitochondria are sensitized to Bax insertion and activation during apoptosis. Brooks C, Cho SG, Wang CY, Yang T, Dong Z (2011) Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 300(3): C447-55
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  6. Specific mitochondrial calcium overload induces mitochondrial fission in prostate cancer cells. Kaddour-Djebbar I, Choudhary V, Brooks C, Ghazaly T, Lakshmikanthan V, Dong Z, Kumar MV (2010) Int J Oncol 36(6): 1437-44
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  7. Epithelial cell cycle arrest in G2/M mediates kidney fibrosis after injury. Yang L, Besschetnova TY, Brooks CR, Shah JV, Bonventre JV (2010) Nat Med 16(5): 535-43, 1p following 143
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  8. Regulation of mitochondrial dynamics in acute kidney injury in cell culture and rodent models. Brooks C, Wei Q, Cho SG, Dong Z (2009) J Clin Invest 119(5): 1275-85
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  10. Regulation of mitochondrial morphological dynamics during apoptosis by Bcl-2 family proteins: a key in Bak? Brooks C, Dong Z (2007) Cell Cycle 6(24): 3043-7
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