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Fabien Maldonado
Last active: 2/1/2016

  1. Transbronchial Cryobiopsies in the Evaluation of Lung Allografts: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks? Roden AC, Kern RM, Aubry MC, Jenkins SM, Yi ES, Scott JP, Maldonado F (2016) Arch Pathol Lab Med 140(4): 303-11
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  2. Pulmonary Parenchymal Lymphoma Diagnosed by Bronchoscopic Cryoprobe Lung Biopsy. Schiavo D, Batzlaff C, Maldonado F (2016) J Bronchology Interv Pulmonol 23(2): 174-6
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  3. Pulmonary Abscess as a Complication of Transbronchial Lung Cryobiopsy. Skalski JH, Kern RM, Midthun DE, Edell ES, Maldonado F (2016) J Bronchology Interv Pulmonol 23(1): 63-6
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  4. Disease homogeneity and treatment heterogeneity in idiopathic subglottic stenosis. Gelbard A, Donovan DT, Ongkasuwan J, Nouraei SA, Sandhu G, Benninger MS, Bryson PC, Lorenz RR, Tierney WS, Hillel AT, Gadkaree SK, Lott DG, Edell ES, Ekbom DC, Kasperbauer JL, Maldonado F, Schindler JS, Smith ME, Daniero JJ, Garrett CG, Netterville JL, Rickman OB, Sinard RJ, Wootten CT, Francis DO (2016) Laryngoscope 126(6): 1390-6
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  5. Value of circulating insulin-like growth factor-associated proteins for the detection of stage I non-small cell lung cancer. Kubasiak JC, Seder CW, Pithadia R, Basu S, Fhied C, Phillips WW, Daly S, Shersher DD, Yoder MA, Chmielewski G, Edell ES, Maldonado F, Liptay MJ, Borgia JA (2015) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 149(3): 727-34.e1-3; discussion 734
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  6. The Use of Indwelling Tunneled Pleural Catheters for Recurrent Pleural Effusions in Patients With Hematologic Malignancies: A Multicenter Study. Gilbert CR, Lee HJ, Skalski JH, Maldonado F, Wahidi M, Choi PJ, Bessich J, Sterman D, Argento AC, Shojaee S, Gorden JA, Wilshire CL, Feller-Kopman D, Ortiz R, Nonyane BAS, Yarmus L (2015) Chest 148(3): 752-758
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  8. Pseudomyxoma pleuri. A rare manifestation of an uncommon disease. Del Valle Somiedo GutiƩrrez M, Villasboas Bisneto JC, Lee CU, Johnson GB, Shen RK, Maldonado F (2015) Am J Respir Crit Care Med 191(11): 1334-5
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  9. Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography for the Pleural Staging of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: How Accurate Is It? Pinelli V, Roca E, Lucchini S, Laroumagne S, Loundou A, Dutau H, Maldonado F, Astoul P (2015) Respiration 89(6): 558-64
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  10. Outpatient thoracoscopy: safety and practical considerations. Kern RM, DePew ZS, Maldonado F (2015) Curr Opin Pulm Med 21(4): 357-62
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