Padmini Komalavilas
Last active: 3/11/2015

  1. Brilliant blue FCF is a nontoxic dye for saphenous vein graft marking that abrogates response to injury. Hocking KM, Luo W, Li FD, Komalavilas P, Brophy C, Cheung-Flynn J (2016) J Vasc Surg 64(1): 210-8
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  2. Surgical vein graft preparation promotes cellular dysfunction, oxidative stress, and intimal hyperplasia in human saphenous vein. Osgood MJ, Hocking KM, Voskresensky IV, Li FD, Komalavilas P, Cheung-Flynn J, Brophy CM (2014) J Vasc Surg 60(1): 202-11
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  3. Pressure control during preparation of saphenous veins. Li FD, Eagle S, Brophy C, Hocking KM, Osgood M, Komalavilas P, Cheung-Flynn J (2014) JAMA Surg 149(7): 655-62
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  4. Brilliant blue FCF as an alternative dye for saphenous vein graft marking: effect on conduit function. Voskresensky IV, Wise ES, Hocking KM, Li FD, Osgood MJ, Komalavilas P, Brophy C, Cheung-Flynn J (2014) JAMA Surg 149(11): 1176-81
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  5. Role of cyclic nucleotide-dependent actin cytoskeletal dynamics:Ca(2+)](i) and force suppression in forskolin-pretreated porcine coronary arteries. Hocking KM, Baudenbacher FJ, Putumbaka G, Venkatraman S, Cheung-Flynn J, Brophy CM, Komalavilas P (2013) PLoS One 8(4): e60986
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  7. Cell-permeant peptide inhibitors of vasospasm and intimal hyperplasia. Osgood MJ, Flynn CR, Komalavilas P, Brophy C (2013) Vascular 21(1): 46-53
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  9. Inhibition of Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Activated Protein Kinase II with MMI-0100 reduces intimal hyperplasia ex vivo and in vivo. Muto A, Panitch A, Kim N, Park K, Komalavilas P, Brophy CM, Dardik A (2012) Vascul Pharmacol 56(1-2): 47-55
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