Ming Jiang
Last active: 7/6/2016

  1. ALCAM/CD166 is a TGF-β-responsive marker and functional regulator of prostate cancer metastasis to bone. Hansen AG, Arnold SA, Jiang M, Palmer TD, Ketova T, Merkel A, Pickup M, Samaras S, Shyr Y, Moses HL, Hayward SW, Sterling JA, Zijlstra A (2014) Cancer Res 74(5): 1404-15
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  3. Deficiency in metabolic regulators PPARγ and PTEN cooperates to drive keratinizing squamous metaplasia in novel models of human tissue regeneration. Strand DW, DeGraff DJ, Jiang M, Sameni M, Franco OE, Love HD, Hayward WJ, Lin-Tsai O, Wang AY, Cates JM, Sloane BF, Matusik RJ, Hayward SW (2013) Am J Pathol 182(2): 449-59
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  4. Cathepsin D acts as an essential mediator to promote malignancy of benign prostatic epithelium. Pruitt FL, He Y, Franco OE, Jiang M, Cates JM, Hayward SW (2013) Prostate 73(5): 476-88
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  5. The stress response mediator ATF3 represses androgen signaling by binding the androgen receptor. Wang H, Jiang M, Cui H, Chen M, Buttyan R, Hayward SW, Hai T, Wang Z, Yan C (2012) Mol Cell Biol 32(16): 3190-202
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  7. PPARγ isoforms differentially regulate metabolic networks to mediate mouse prostatic epithelial differentiation. Strand DW, Jiang M, Murphy TA, Yi Y, Konvinse KC, Franco OE, Wang Y, Young JD, Hayward SW (2012) Cell Death Dis : e361
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  9. Interplay between autophagy and metabolism in Ras mutation-induced tumorigenesis. Jiang M (2011) Asian J Androl 13(4): 610-1
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