Karen Joos
Last active: 4/3/2019

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  3. Preliminary Design and Evaluation of a B-Scan OCT-Guided Needle. Joos KM, Shen JH (2014) Photonics 1(3): 260-266
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  4. Miniature forward-imaging B-scan optical coherence tomography probe to guide real-time laser ablation. Li Z, Shen JH, Kozub JA, Prasad R, Lu P, Joos KM (2014) Lasers Surg Med 46(3): 193-202
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  5. Acute myopia and angle closure glaucoma from topiramate in a seven-year-old: a case report and review of the literature. Rapoport Y, Benegas N, Kuchtey RW, Joos KM (2014) BMC Pediatr : 96
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