Carlos Grijalva
Last active: 7/27/2018

  1. Reduction of frequent otitis media and pressure-equalizing tube insertions in children after introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. Poehling KA, Szilagyi PG, Grijalva CG, Martin SW, LaFleur B, Mitchel E, Barth RD, Nuorti JP, Griffin MR (2007) Pediatrics 119(4): 707-15
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  4. Decline in pneumonia admissions after routine childhood immunisation with pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the USA: a time-series analysis. Grijalva CG, Nuorti JP, Arbogast PG, Martin SW, Edwards KM, Griffin MR (2007) Lancet 369(9568): 1179-86
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  5. Assessment of adherence to and persistence on disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Grijalva CG, Chung CP, Arbogast PG, Stein CM, Mitchel EF, Griffin MR (2007) Med Care 45(10 Supl 2): S66-76
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