Carissa Cascio
Last active: 3/14/2018

  1. Initially intact neural responses to pain in autism are diminished during sustained pain. Failla MD, Moana-Filho EJ, Essick GK, Baranek GT, Rogers BP, Cascio CJ (2018) Autism 22(6): 669-683
    › Primary publication · 28513186 (PubMed) · PMC6352721 (PubMed Central)
  2. Disrupted integration of exteroceptive and interoceptive signaling in autism spectrum disorder. Noel JP, Lytle M, Cascio C, Wallace MT (2018) Autism Res 11(1): 194-205
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  3. Developmental sequelae and neurophysiologic substrates of sensory seeking in infant siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder. Damiano-Goodwin CR, Woynaroski TG, Simon DM, Ibañez LV, Murias M, Kirby A, Newsom CR, Wallace MT, Stone WL, Cascio CJ (2018) Dev Cogn Neurosci : 41-53
    › Primary publication · 28889988 (PubMed) · PMC5812859 (PubMed Central)
  4. The spatial self in schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder. Noel JP, Cascio CJ, Wallace MT, Park S (2017) Schizophr Res : 8-12
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  5. Thalamocortical dysconnectivity in autism spectrum disorder: An analysis of the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange. Woodward ND, Giraldo-Chica M, Rogers B, Cascio CJ (2017) Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging 2(1): 76-84
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  6. Neural Correlates of Sensory Hyporesponsiveness in Toddlers at High Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Simon DM, Damiano CR, Woynaroski TG, Ibañez LV, Murias M, Stone WL, Wallace MT, Cascio CJ (2017) J Autism Dev Disord 47(9): 2710-2722
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  7. Intrainsular connectivity and somatosensory responsiveness in young children with ASD. Failla MD, Peters BR, Karbasforoushan H, Foss-Feig JH, Schauder KB, Heflin BH, Cascio CJ (2017) Mol Autism : 25
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  8. Brain structure in autism: a voxel-based morphometry analysis of the Autism Brain Imaging Database Exchange (ABIDE). Riddle K, Cascio CJ, Woodward ND (2017) Brain Imaging Behav 11(2): 541-551
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  9. Associations Between Interoceptive Cognition and Age in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typical Development. Mash LE, Schauder KB, Cochran C, Park S, Cascio CJ (2017) J Cogn Educ Psychol 16(1): 23-37
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  10. Toward an interdisciplinary approach to understanding sensory function in autism spectrum disorder. Cascio CJ, Woynaroski T, Baranek GT, Wallace MT (2016) Autism Res 9(9): 920-5
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