John Capra
Last active: 3/3/2020

  1. The Impact of Natural Selection on the Evolution and Function of Placentally Expressed Galectins. Ely ZA, Moon JM, Sliwoski GR, Sangha AK, Shen XX, Labella AL, Meiler J, Capra JA, Rokas A (2019) Genome Biol Evol 11(9): 2574-2592
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  2. Signatures of Recent Positive Selection in Enhancers Across 41 Human Tissues. Moon JM, Capra JA, Abbot P, Rokas A (2019) G3 (Bethesda) 9(8): 2761-2774
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  3. Sequence Characteristics Distinguish Transcribed Enhancers from Promoters and Predict Their Breadth of Activity. Colbran LL, Chen L, Capra JA (2019) Genetics 211(4): 1205-1217
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  4. Protein structure aids predicting functional perturbation of missense variants in and . Kroncke BM, Mendenhall J, Smith DK, Sanders CR, Capra JA, George AL, Blume JD, Meiler J, Roden DM (2019) Comput Struct Biotechnol J : 206-214
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  5. Inferred divergent gene regulation in archaic hominins reveals potential phenotypic differences. Colbran LL, Gamazon ER, Zhou D, Evans P, Cox NJ, Capra JA (2019) Nat Ecol Evol 3(11): 1598-1606
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  6. Immune Regulation in Eutherian Pregnancy: Live Birth Coevolved with Novel Immune Genes and Gene Regulation. Moon JM, Capra JA, Abbot P, Rokas A (2019) Bioessays 41(9): e1900072
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  9. Genome-wide association analysis uncovers variants for reproductive variation across dog breeds and links to domestication. Smith SP, Phillips JB, Johnson ML, Abbot P, Capra JA, Rokas A (2019) Evol Med Public Health 2019(1): 93-103
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  10. Folding and Misfolding of Human Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease: From Single Molecules to Cellular Proteostasis. Marinko JT, Huang H, Penn WD, Capra JA, Schlebach JP, Sanders CR (2019) Chem Rev 119(9): 5537-5606
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