Leon Bellan
Last active: 3/18/2020

  1. Pendant allyl crosslinking as a tunable shape memory actuator for vascular applications. Boire TC, Gupta MK, Zachman AL, Lee SH, Balikov DA, Kim K, Bellan LM, Sung HJ (2015) Acta Biomater : 53-63
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  4. A temperature-sensitive, self-adhesive hydrogel to deliver iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes for heart repair. Wang X, Chun YW, Zhong L, Chiusa M, Balikov DA, Frist AY, Lim CC, Maltais S, Bellan L, Hong CC, Sung HJ (2015) Int J Cardiol : 177-80
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  5. Fabrication of a hybrid microfluidic system incorporating both lithographically patterned microchannels and a 3D fiber-formed microfluidic network. Bellan LM, Kniazeva T, Kim ES, Epshteyn AA, Cropek DM, Langer R, Borenstein JT (2012) Adv Healthc Mater 1(2): 164-7
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  6. A 3D interconnected microchannel network formed in gelatin by sacrificial shellac microfibers. Bellan LM, Pearsall M, Cropek DM, Langer R (2012) Adv Mater 24(38): 5187-91
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  9. Optically driven resonance of nanoscale flexural oscillators in liquid. Verbridge SS, Bellan LM, Parpia JM, Craighead HG (2006) Nano Lett 6(9): 2109-14
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