Jeff Reese
Last active: 1/7/2021

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  3. Lipopolysaccharide-induced maternal inflammation induces direct placental injury without alteration in placental blood flow and induces a secondary fetal intestinal injury that persists into adulthood. Fricke EM, Elgin TG, Gong H, Reese J, Gibson-Corley KN, Weiss RM, Zimmerman K, Bowdler NC, Kalantera KM, Mills DA, Underwood MA, McElroy SJ (2018) Am J Reprod Immunol 79(5): e12816
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  9. Changing patterns of patent ductus arteriosus surgical ligation in the United States. Reese J, Scott TA, Patrick SW (2018) Semin Perinatol 42(4): 253-261
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