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Kevin Osteen
Last active: 2/19/2015

  1. Experimental endometriosis in immunocompromised mice after adoptive transfer of human leukocytes. Bruner-Tran KL, Carvalho-Macedo AC, Duleba AJ, Crispens MA, Osteen KG (2010) Fertil Steril 93(8): 2519-24
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  2. Dioxin-like PCBs and endometriosis. Bruner-Tran KL, Osteen KG (2010) Syst Biol Reprod Med 56(2): 132-46
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  3. Dioxin and endometrial progesterone resistance. Bruner-Tran KL, Ding T, Osteen KG (2010) Semin Reprod Med 28(1): 59-68
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  4. Simvastatin protects against the development of endometriosis in a nude mouse model. Bruner-Tran KL, Osteen KG, Duleba AJ (2009) J Clin Endocrinol Metab 94(7): 2489-94
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  5. Dioxin may promote inflammation-related development of endometriosis. Bruner-Tran KL, Yeaman GR, Crispens MA, Igarashi TM, Osteen KG (2008) Fertil Steril 89(5 Suppl): 1287-98
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  6. Developmental exposure of mice to TCDD elicits a similar uterine phenotype in adult animals as observed in women with endometriosis. Nayyar T, Bruner-Tran KL, Piestrzeniewicz-Ulanska D, Osteen KG (2007) Reprod Toxicol 23(3): 326-36
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  7. Down-regulation of endometrial matrix metalloproteinase-3 and -7 expression in vitro and therapeutic regression of experimental endometriosis in vivo by a novel nonsteroidal progesterone receptor agonist, tanaproget. Bruner-Tran KL, Zhang Z, Eisenberg E, Winneker RC, Osteen KG (2006) J Clin Endocrinol Metab 91(4): 1554-60
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  8. The activation function-1 domain of estrogen receptor alpha in uterine stromal cells is required for mouse but not human uterine epithelial response to estrogen. Kurita T, Medina R, Schabel AB, Young P, Gama P, Parekh TV, Brody J, Cunha GR, Osteen KG, Bruner-Tran KL, Gold LI (2005) Differentiation 73(6): 313-22
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  9. Reduced progesterone action during endometrial maturation: a potential risk factor for the development of endometriosis. Osteen KG, Bruner-Tran KL, Eisenberg E (2005) Fertil Steril 83(3): 529-37
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  10. Reduced expression of progesterone receptor-B in the endometrium of women with endometriosis and in cocultures of endometrial cells exposed to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. Igarashi TM, Bruner-Tran KL, Yeaman GR, Lessey BA, Edwards DP, Eisenberg E, Osteen KG (2005) Fertil Steril 84(1): 67-74
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