Yajun Yi
Faculty Member
Last active: 3/24/2014

  1. SPARCL1 suppresses metastasis in prostate cancer. Xiang Y, Qiu Q, Jiang M, Jin R, Lehmann BD, Strand DW, Jovanovic B, DeGraff DJ, Zheng Y, Yousif DA, Simmons CQ, Case TC, Yi J, Cates JM, Virostko J, He X, Jin X, Hayward SW, Matusik RJ, George AL, Yi Y (2013) Mol Oncol 7(6): 1019-30
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  2. PPARγ isoforms differentially regulate metabolic networks to mediate mouse prostatic epithelial differentiation. Strand DW, Jiang M, Murphy TA, Yi Y, Konvinse KC, Franco OE, Wang Y, Young JD, Hayward SW (2012) Cell Death Dis : e361
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  3. Quantitative analysis of the secretome of TGF-beta signaling-deficient mammary fibroblasts. Xu BJ, Yan W, Jovanovic B, An AQ, Cheng N, Aakre ME, Yi Y, Eng J, Link AJ, Moses HL (2010) Proteomics 10(13): 2458-70
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  5. DNA copy number aberrations in small-cell lung cancer reveal activation of the focal adhesion pathway. Ocak S, Yamashita H, Udyavar AR, Miller AN, Gonzalez AL, Zou Y, Jiang A, Yi Y, Shyr Y, Estrada L, Quaranta V, Massion PP (2010) Oncogene 29(48): 6331-42
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  9. Coupled analysis of gene expression and chromosomal location. Yi Y, Mirosevich J, Shyr Y, Matusik R, George AL (2005) Genomics 85(3): 401-12
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  10. Human lupus T cells resist inactivation and escape death by upregulating COX-2. Xu L, Zhang L, Yi Y, Kang HK, Datta SK (2004) Nat Med 10(4): 411-5
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