Gong Yang
Faculty Member
Last active: 4/27/2017

  1. Adiposity and fat distribution in relation to inflammation and oxidative stress in a relatively lean population of Chinese women. Wu SH, Shu XO, Chow WH, Xiang YB, Zhang X, Cai Q, Li HL, Milne G, Wen W, Ji BT, Rothman N, Gao YT, Zheng W, Yang G (2013) Dis Markers 34(4): 279-93
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  9. Nightshift work job exposure matrices and urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin levels among healthy Chinese women. Ji BT, Gao YT, Shu XO, Yang G, Yu K, Xue SZ, Li HL, Liao LM, Blair A, Rothman N, Zheng W, Chow WH (2012) Scand J Work Environ Health 38(6): 553-9
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  10. Major metabolite of F2-isoprostane in urine may be a more sensitive biomarker of oxidative stress than isoprostane itself. Dorjgochoo T, Gao YT, Chow WH, Shu XO, Yang G, Cai Q, Rothman N, Cai H, Li H, Deng X, Franke A, Roberts LJ, Milne G, Zheng W, Dai Q (2012) Am J Clin Nutr 96(2): 405-14
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