Ingrid Mayer
Faculty Member
Last active: 3/23/2014

  1. Short preoperative treatment with erlotinib inhibits tumor cell proliferation in hormone receptor-positive breast cancers. Guix M, Granja Nde M, Meszoely I, Adkins TB, Wieman BM, Frierson KE, Sanchez V, Sanders ME, Grau AM, Mayer IA, Pestano G, Shyr Y, Muthuswamy S, Calvo B, Krontiras H, Krop IE, Kelley MC, Arteaga CL (2008) J Clin Oncol 26(6): 897-906
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  2. Evaluation of biological agents targeted at early-stage disease. Guix M, Mayer IA, Meszoely IM, Arteaga CL (2008) Breast Cancer Res : S25
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  3. Integration of quantitative DCE-MRI and ADC mapping to monitor treatment response in human breast cancer: initial results. Yankeelov TE, Lepage M, Chakravarthy A, Broome EE, Niermann KJ, Kelley MC, Meszoely I, Mayer IA, Herman CR, McManus K, Price RR, Gore JC (2007) Magn Reson Imaging 25(1): 1-13
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  4. Neoadjuvant concurrent paclitaxel and radiation in stage II/III breast cancer. Chakravarthy AB, Kelley MC, McLaren B, Truica CI, Billheimer D, Mayer IA, Grau AM, Johnson DH, Simpson JF, Beauchamp RD, Jones C, Pietenpol JA (2006) Clin Cancer Res 12(5): 1570-6
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  5. Targeting cytokine receptors and pathways in the treatment of breast cancer. Mayer IA (2005) Cancer Treat Res : 243-62
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  6. The p38 MAPK pathway mediates the growth inhibitory effects of interferon-alpha in BCR-ABL-expressing cells. Mayer IA, Verma A, Grumbach IM, Uddin S, Lekmine F, Ravandi F, Majchrzak B, Fujita S, Fish EN, Platanias LC (2001) J Biol Chem 276(30): 28570-7
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  7. Engagement of the CrkL adaptor in interferon alpha signalling in BCR-ABL-expressing cells. Grumbach IM, Mayer IA, Uddin S, Lekmine F, Majchrzak B, Yamauchi H, Fujita S, Druker B, Fish EN, Platanias LC (2001) Br J Haematol 112(2): 327-36
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  8. The Rac1/p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway is required for interferon alpha-dependent transcriptional activation but not serine phosphorylation of Stat proteins. Uddin S, Lekmine F, Sharma N, Majchrzak B, Mayer I, Young PR, Bokoch GM, Fish EN, Platanias LC (2000) J Biol Chem 275(36): 27634-40
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