Edwin Donnelly
Last active: 2/28/2014

  1. Intrapleural heparin or heparin combined with human recombinant DNase is not effective in the treatment of empyema in a rabbit model. Dikensoy O, Zhu Z, Na MJ, Liao H, Donnelly E, Light RW (2006) Respirology 11(6): 755-60
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  2. Characterization of the phase-contrast radiography edge-enhancement effect in a cabinet x-ray system. Donnelly EF, Lewis KG, Wolske KM, Pickens DR, Price RR (2006) Phys Med Biol 51(1): 21-30
    › Primary publication · 16357428 (PubMed)
  3. Sonographic depiction of changes of tumor vascularity in response to various therapies. Niermann KJ, Fleischer AC, Donnelly EF, Schueneman AJ, Geng L, Hallahan DE (2005) Ultrasound Q 21(2): 61-7; quiz 149, 153-4
    › Primary publication · 15905816 (PubMed)
  4. Murine double minute 2 as a therapeutic target for radiation sensitization of lung cancer. Cao C, Shinohara ET, Niermann KJ, Donnelly EF, Chen X, Hallahan DE, Lu B (2005) Mol Cancer Ther 4(8): 1137-45
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    › Primary publication · 16251411 (PubMed) · PMC1603790 (PubMed Central)
  6. Gene therapy targeting the Tie2 function ameliorates collagen-induced arthritis and protects against bone destruction. Chen Y, Donnelly E, Kobayashi H, Debusk LM, Lin PC (2005) Arthritis Rheum 52(5): 1585-94
    › Primary publication · 15880817 (PubMed)
  7. Experimental validation of the Wigner distributions theory of phase-contrast imaging. Donnelly EF, Price RR, Pickens DR (2005) Med Phys 32(4): 928-31
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  8. Efficacy of ultrasound in the diagnosis of pleurodesis in rabbits. Zhu Z, Donnelly E, Dikensoy O, Misra H, Bilaceroglu S, Lane KB, Light RW (2005) Chest 128(2): 934-9
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  10. Quantification of tumor vascularity with contrast-enhanced sonography: correlation with magnetic resonance imaging and fluorodeoxyglucose autoradiography in an implanted tumor. Fleischer AC, Donnelly EF, Grippo RJ, Black AS, Hallahan DE (2004) J Ultrasound Med 23(1): 37-41
    › Primary publication · 14756351 (PubMed)