John Jeffrey Carr
Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Informatics and Cardiovascular Medicine
Last active: 1/10/2020

  1. Left Ventricular Mass at MRI and Long-term Risk of Cardiovascular Events: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). Kawel-Boehm N, Kronmal R, Eng J, Folsom A, Burke G, Carr JJ, Shea S, Lima JAC, Bluemke DA (2019) Radiology 293(1): 107-114
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  3. Fully automatic liver attenuation estimation combing CNN segmentation and morphological operations. Huo Y, Terry JG, Wang J, Nair S, Lasko TA, Freedman BI, Carr JJ, Landman BA (2019) Med Phys 46(8): 3508-3519
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  4. Coronary Calcium Detection using 3D Attention Identical Dual Deep Network Based on Weakly Supervised Learning. Huo Y, Terry JG, Wang J, Nath V, Bermudez C, Bao S, Parvathaneni P, Carr JJ, Landman BA (2019) Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng
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  5. Coronary Artery Calcium Scores and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk Stratification in Smokers. Leigh A, McEvoy JW, Garg P, Carr JJ, Sandfort V, Oelsner EC, Budoff M, Herrington D, Yeboah J (2019) JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 12(5): 852-861
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  7. Calcium Scoring for Cardiovascular Computed Tomography: How, When and Why? Carr JJ (2019) Radiol Clin North Am 57(1): 1-12
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  8. Body Composition and Diabetes Risk in South Asians: Findings From the MASALA and MESA Studies. Flowers E, Lin F, Kandula NR, Allison M, Carr JJ, Ding J, Shah R, Liu K, Herrington D, Kanaya AM (2019) Diabetes Care 42(5): 946-953
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