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  2. pdx-1 function is specifically required in embryonic beta cells to generate appropriate numbers of endocrine cell types and maintain glucose homeostasis. Gannon M, Ables ET, Crawford L, Lowe D, Offield MF, Magnuson MA, Wright CV (2008) Dev Biol 314(2): 406-17
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  4. Beta-cell proliferation, but not neogenesis, following 60% partial pancreatectomy is impaired in the absence of FoxM1. Ackermann Misfeldt A, Costa RH, Gannon M (2008) Diabetes 57(11): 3069-77
    › Primary publication · 18728229 (PubMed) · PMC2570403 (PubMed Central)
  5. Ptf1a binds to and activates area III, a highly conserved region of the Pdx1 promoter that mediates early pancreas-wide Pdx1 expression. Wiebe PO, Kormish JD, Roper VT, Fujitani Y, Alston NI, Zaret KS, Wright CV, Stein RW, Gannon M (2007) Mol Cell Biol 27(11): 4093-104
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  10. Targeted deletion of a cis-regulatory region reveals differential gene dosage requirements for Pdx1 in foregut organ differentiation and pancreas formation. Fujitani Y, Fujitani S, Boyer DF, Gannon M, Kawaguchi Y, Ray M, Shiota M, Stein RW, Magnuson MA, Wright CV (2006) Genes Dev 20(2): 253-66
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