Kevin Ess
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Last active: 2/16/2016

  1. Patient heal thyself: modeling and treating neurological disorders using patient-derived stem cells. Ess KC (2013) Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 238(3): 308-14
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  2. Multi-organ abnormalities and mTORC1 activation in zebrafish model of multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency. Kim SH, Scott SA, Bennett MJ, Carson RP, Fessel J, Brown HA, Ess KC (2013) PLoS Genet 9(6): e1003563
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  3. Heterozygous inactivation of tsc2 enhances tumorigenesis in p53 mutant zebrafish. Kim SH, Kowalski ML, Carson RP, Bridges LR, Ess KC (2013) Dis Model Mech 6(4): 925-33
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  4. Gammaretroviral vector encoding a fluorescent marker to facilitate detection of reprogrammed human fibroblasts during iPSC generation. Srinivasakumar N, Zaboikin M, Tidball AM, Aboud AA, Neely MD, Ess KC, Bowman AB, Schuening FG (2013) PeerJ : e224
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  6. Conditional and domain-specific inactivation of the Tsc2 gene in neural progenitor cells. Fu C, Ess KC (2013) Genesis 51(4): 284-92
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