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Wobble dC.dA pairing 5' to the cationic guanine N7 8,9-dihydro-8-(N7-guanyl)-9-hydroxyaflatoxin B1 adduct: implications for nontargeted AFB1 mutagenesis.

Giri I, Stone MP
Biochemistry. 2003 42 (23): 7023-34

PMID: 12795597 · DOI:10.1021/bi020688n

The structure of 5'-d(ACATC(AFB)GATCT)-3'.5'-d(AGATCAATGT)-3', containing the C(5).A(16) mismatch at the base pair 5' to the modified (AFB)G(6), was determined by NMR. The characteristic 5'-intercalation of the AFB(1) moiety was maintained. The mismatched C(5).A(16) pair existed in the wobble conformation, with the C(5) imino nitrogen hydrogen bonded to the A(16) exocyclic amino group. The wobble pair existed as a mixture of protonated and nonprotonated species. The pK(a) for protonation at the A(16) imino nitrogen was similar to that of the C(5).A(16) wobble pair in the corresponding duplex not adducted with AFB(1). Overall, the presence of AFB(1) did not interfere with wobble pair formation at the mismatched site. Molecular dynamics calculations restrained by distances derived from NOE data and torsion angles derived from (1)H (3)J couplings were carried out for both the protonated and nonprotonated wobble pairs at C(5).A(16). Both sets of calculations predicted the A(16) amino group was within 3 A of the C(5) imino nitrogen. The calculations suggested that protonation of the C(5).A(16) wobble pair should shift C(5) toward the major groove and shift A(16) toward the minor groove. The NMR data showed evidence for the presence of a minor conformation characterized by unusual NOEs between T(4) and (AFB)G(6). T(4) is two nucleotides in the 5'-direction from the modified base. These NOEs suggested that in the minor conformation nucleotide T(4) was in closer proximity to (AFB)G(6) than would be expected for duplex DNA. Modeling studies examined the possibility that T(4) transiently paired with the mismatched A(16), allowing it to come within NOE distance of (AFB)G(6). This model structure was consistent with the unusual NOEs associated with the minor conformation. The structural studies are discussed in relationship to nontargeted C --> T transitions observed 5' to the modified (AFB)G in site-specific mutagenesis experiments [Bailey, E. A., Iyer, R. S., Stone, M. P., Harris, T. M., and Essigmann, J. M. (1996) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 93, 1535-1539].

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