Alessandro Ustione
Last active: 5/12/2015

Self-assembled monolayers of dipolar nonlinear optical nickel(II) molecules on the Si(100) surface with nanoscale uniformity.

Di Bella S, Condorelli GG, Motta A, Ustione A, Cricenti A
Langmuir. 2006 22 (19): 7952-5

PMID: 16952225 · DOI:10.1021/la0613373

The synthesis and structure of a dipolar nonlinear optical bis(salicylaldiminato)Ni(II)-derivatized Schiff base complex chemisorbed on H-terminated Si(100) surfaces is reported. The existence of a monolayer of the derivatized complex chemisorbed on the Si(100) surface is unambiguously confirmed by high-resolution core-level XPS and AFM/SNOM analyses. The comparison between the optical SNOM images highlights the contribution of the monolayer to the local reflectivity of the sample. Angle-resolved XPS data indicate the presence of chlorine head atoms on the monolayer surface. Altogether, XPS and AFM/SNOM data suggest the formation of a nanoscale uniform, homogeneous, complete, ordered monolayer self-assembled on the Si(100) surface.

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