Distinct patterns of phosphatidylserine localization within the Rab11a-containing recycling system.

Baetz NW, Goldenring JR
Cell Logist. 2014 4: e28680

PMID: 25210648 · PMCID: PMC4156484 · DOI:10.4161/cl.28680

The Rab11 GTPases and Rab11 family-interacting proteins (Rab11-FIPs) define integrated yet distinct compartments within the slow recycling pathway. The lipid content of these compartments is less well understood, although past studies have indicated phosphatidylserine (PS) is an integral component of recycling membranes. We sought to identify key differences in the presence of PS within Rab and Rab11-FIP containing membranes. We used live cell fluorescence microscopy and structured illumination microscopy to determine whether the previously published LactC2 probe for PS displays differential patterns of overlap with various Rab GTPases and Rab11-FIPs. Selective overlap was observed between the LactC2 probe and Rab GTPases when co-expressed in HeLa cells. Rab11-FIP1 proteins consistently overlapped with LactC2 along peripheral and pericentriolar compartments. The specificity of Rab11-FIP1 association with LactC2 was further confirmed by demonstrating that additional Rab11-FIPs (FIP2, FIP3, and FIP5) exhibited selective association with LactC2 containing compartments. Live cell dual expression studies of Rab11-FIPs with LactC2 indicated that PS is enriched along tubular compartments of the Rab11a-dependent recycling system. Additionally, we found that the removal of C2 domains from the Rab11-FIPs induced an accumulation of LactC2 probe in the pericentriolar region, suggesting that inhibition of trafficking through the recycling system can influence the distribution of PS within cells. Finally, we confirmed these findings using structured illumination microscopy suggesting that the overlapping fluorescent signals were on the same membranes. These results suggest distinct associations of Rab GTPases and Rab11-FIPs with PS-containing recycling system membrane domains.

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