Stacey Huppert
Last active: 5/27/2014


Dr. Stacey S. Huppert joined the Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology (VCSCB) in October of 2005 as its first faculty recruit.  Stacey earned her doctorate in genetics from Indiana University in the Laboratory of Marc A. T. Muskavitch.  Her thesis work demonstrated that Notch signaling exerts feedback regulation on ligand and receptor expression, and that the resultant asymmetries underlie proper cell fate determination.  She continued to study Notch signaling mechanisms with Raphael Kopan, first as a postdoctoral fellow, then as an Instructor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Pharmacology at Washington University School of Medicine.  Dr. Huppert’s research program will focus on exploring how intercellular signaling pathways are integrated in both developmental and disease responses of the liver.  She will explore the role of Notch in liver organogenesis and regeneration in order to better understand the role of progenitor/stem cells in hepatocyte cell population maintenance and renewal.


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  1. Epithelial VEGF signaling is required in the mouse liver for proper sinusoid endothelial cell identity and hepatocyte zonation in vivo. Walter TJ, Cast AE, Huppert KA, Huppert SS (2014) Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 306(10): G849-62
    › Primary publication · 24650547 (PubMed) · PMC4024728 (PubMed Central)
  2. Intrahepatic bile duct regeneration in mice does not require Hnf6 or Notch signaling through Rbpj. Walter TJ, Vanderpool C, Cast AE, Huppert SS (2014) Am J Pathol 184(5): 1479-88
    › Primary publication · 24631193 (PubMed) · PMC4005980 (PubMed Central)
  3. Fishing for biliary atresia susceptibility genes. Miethke AG, Huppert SS (2013) Gastroenterology 144(5): 878-81
    › Primary publication · 23523832 (PubMed) · PMC3650469 (PubMed Central)
  4. CITED1 expression in liver development and hepatoblastoma. Murphy AJ, de Caestecker C, Pierce J, Boyle SC, Ayers GD, Zhao Z, Libes JM, Correa H, Walter T, Huppert SS, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker MP, Lovvorn HN (2012) Neoplasia 14(12): 1153-63
    › Primary publication · 23308048 (PubMed) · PMC3540941 (PubMed Central)
  5. 3-dimensional resin casting and imaging of mouse portal vein or intrahepatic bile duct system. Walter TJ, Sparks EE, Huppert SS (2012) J Vis Exp (68): e4272
    › Primary publication · 23128398 (PubMed) · PMC3490298 (PubMed Central)
  6. Screening for small molecule inhibitors of embryonic pathways: sometimes you gotta crack a few eggs. Hang BI, Thorne CA, Robbins DJ, Huppert SS, Lee LA, Lee E (2012) Bioorg Med Chem 20(6): 1869-77
    › Primary publication · 22261025 (PubMed) · PMC3298638 (PubMed Central)