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  1. Advocating for mutually beneficial access to shelved compounds. Pulley JM, Jerome RN, Shirey-Rice JK, Zaleski NM, Naylor HM, Pruijssers AJ, Jackson JC, Bernard GR, Holroyd KJ (2018) Future Med Chem 10(12): 1395-1398
    › Primary publication · 29788759 (PubMed)
  2. When Enough Is Enough: Decision Criteria for Moving a Known Drug into Clinical Testing for a New Indication in the Absence of Preclinical Efficacy Data. Pulley JM, Jerome RN, Zaleski NM, Shirey-Rice JK, Pruijssers AJ, Lavieri RR, Chettiar SN, Naylor HM, Aronoff DM, Edwards DA, Niswender CM, Dugan LL, Crofford LJ, Bernard GR, Holroyd KJ (2017) Assay Drug Dev Technol 15(8): 354-361
    › Primary publication · 29193979 (PubMed) · PMC5731541 (PubMed Central)
  3. My Cancer Genome: Evaluating an Educational Model to Introduce Patients and Caregivers to Precision Medicine Information. Kusnoor SV, Koonce TY, Levy MA, Lovly CM, Naylor HM, Anderson IA, Micheel CM, Chen SC, Ye F, Giuse NB (2016) AMIA Jt Summits Transl Sci Proc : 112-21
    › Primary publication · 27570660 (PubMed) · PMC5001739 (PubMed Central)
  4. Guiding Oncology Patients Through the Maze of Precision Medicine. Giuse NB, Kusnoor SV, Koonce TY, Naylor HM, Chen SC, Blasingame MN, Anderson IA, Micheel CM, Levy MA, Ye F, Lovly CM (2016) J Health Commun : 5-17
    › Primary publication · 27043753 (PubMed) · PMC4910693 (PubMed Central)
  5. Aquaporin 11 variant associates with kidney disease in type 2 diabetic patients. Choma DP, Vanacore R, Naylor H, Zimmerman IA, Pavlichenko A, Pavlichenko A, Foye L, Carbone DP, Harris RC, Dikov MM, Tchekneva EE (2016) Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 310(5): F416-25
    › Primary publication · 26719361 (PubMed) · PMC4773830 (PubMed Central)
  6. The structure of human retinol-binding protein (RBP) with its carrier protein transthyretin reveals an interaction with the carboxy terminus of RBP. Naylor HM, Newcomer ME (1999) Biochemistry 38(9): 2647-53
    › Primary publication · 10052934 (PubMed)
  7. Nucleotide sequence of a rice genomic clone that encodes a class I endochitinase. Huang JK, Wen L, Swegle M, Tran HC, Thin TH, Naylor HM, Muthukrishnan S, Reeck GR (1991) Plant Mol Biol 16(3): 479-80
    › Primary publication · 1893114 (PubMed)