Vanessa Allwardt
Project Manager
Last active: 12/17/2018


Over the past few years, I have successfully managed more than $17.8M of technically complex, multi-institutional and sometimes international R&D projects from prototyping phases over testing to delivery w/ cross-functional research teams via effective risk and requirements management. At the same time, I have secured $4.34M in competition for a secondary project phase. More recently, I am also focused on in-depth strategic planning guidance to a new shared resource center.

Due to my broad R&D experience with cross-functional, virtual and co-localized teams I am skilled at actively driving communication between stakeholders from many specialty areas in highly convoluted innovation projects. I especially enjoy fostering goal-oriented teamwork, creating a positive environment that allows innovations to mature and enabling my teams to innovate by removing roadblocks for them.

I prefer to maintain an individualized approach for my projects and I am skilled at hybrid (agile and traditional waterfall) project management, considering not only different work approaches in different teams, but also the high-risk research environment, while allowing for flexibility to innovate and providing detailed guidelines to meet the specified goals and requirements.


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