I am a second year graduate student in the lab of Kevin Schey, PhD in the department of Biochemistry and the Vanderbilt University Mass Spectrometry Resource Center.

My primary research focus is the analysis of eye lens via the use of proteomic mass spectrometry. Additionally, I use basic biochemical and molecular biology techniques – immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry, heterologous protein expression and characterization, etcetera – to support proteomic analyses.

Briefly, my current research aims are as follows:

  • Detection and characterization of molecular and chemical changes associated with human lens pathology – particularly cataract pathology
  • Characterization of the function, expression, and biophysics of eye lens aquaporin 0, aquaporin 5, and crystallin proteins (human and bovine)

Additionally, the former aim will be informed by in vitro studies of these proteins via heterologous expression in cell lines (e.g. CHO cells).

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    Aquaporin 5 Aquaporins Biochemistry Crystallins Electrospray Ionization Mass mass spectrometry Membrane proteins Molecular Biology Post-translational modification Spectrometry