Colleen Niswender
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I am an Associate Professor of Pharmacology and also currently serve as the Director of Molecular Pharmacology for the Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery. During the past year I have focused on the molecular pharmacology of novel allosteric modulators of metabotropic glutamate and muscarinic receptors. These studies have involved high throughput screening, assay development, and in vitro pharmacology experiments to investigate the effects of novel modulators on cellular signaling pathways. I am actively involved in each of the main VCNDD collaborations, including those partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Seaside Therapeutics, Johnson and Johnson, and the NIH, as well as studies interfacing with the Molecular Libraries Probe Centers Network (MLPCN). In addition to my role as Director of Molecular Pharmacology, I am also the Biology Team Leader for the development of potential clinical candidates for mGluR4 modulation as a treatment of Parkinson’s disease. These studies interface between areas of pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, in vivo rodent behavioral studies, and toxicology testing. This program is now at the point of licensing these compounds for clinical testing.

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