James Patton
Last active: 11/14/2018


The Patton lab has 4 ongoing projects.  The first is investigation into the function of miRNAs during early vertebrate development using zebrafish as a model organism.  We use gain and loss of function experiments to determine miRNA function at specific developmental times.  As an example, we recently discovered a role for miR-27 in craniofacial bone development by regulating chondrogenesis.  The second project studies regeneration in fish and mice.  Zebrafish are remarkable in that they can regenerate severed spinal cords, hearts, fins, retina, and other organs and tissues.  After initially studying the role that miRNAs play in fin and retina regeneration, we are now focused on the mechanisms that regulate initiation of retina regeneration and control of progenitor cell proliferation.  We can blind zebrafish and they amazingly regain eyesight in about three weeks.  Why can fish do this and why can’t humans?  Especially when the cells and architecture of the retina are nearly identical between fish and humans.  The third project studies a novel cell-cell communication system via extracellular RNA.  We have discovered that RNAs can be packaged in extracellular vesicles and be transferred from donor to recipient cells in a way that challenges traditional beliefs about cell autonomous RNA.  Our focus is how RNAs get packaged into extracellular vesicles and how they move between cells to affect things like the tumor microenvironment and metastasis.  Our last project merges the extracellular vesicle work with our regeneration studies to test whether exosomes derived from stem cells can induce a regenerative response in the retina, screening first in zebrafish and then testing in mice, in collaboration with Ed Levine’s lab.


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Featured publications are shown below:

  1. miR-27 regulates chondrogenesis by suppressing focal adhesion kinase during pharyngeal arch development. Kara N, Wei C, Commanday AC, Patton JG (2017) Dev Biol 429(1): 321-334
    › Primary publication · 28625871 (PubMed) · PMC5582384 (PubMed Central)
  2. Blocking Zebrafish MicroRNAs with Morpholinos. Flynt AS, Rao M, Patton JG (2017) Methods Mol Biol : 59-78
    › Primary publication · 28364234 (PubMed)
  3. Neurotransmitter-Regulated Regeneration in the Zebrafish Retina. Rao MB, Didiano D, Patton JG (2017) Stem Cell Reports 8(4): 831-842
    › Primary publication · 28285877 (PubMed) · PMC5390103 (PubMed Central)
  4. Circular RNAs are down-regulated in KRAS mutant colon cancer cells and can be transferred to exosomes. Dou Y, Cha DJ, Franklin JL, Higginbotham JN, Jeppesen DK, Weaver AM, Prasad N, Levy S, Coffey RJ, Patton JG, Zhang B (2016) Sci Rep : 37982
    › Primary publication · 27892494 (PubMed) · PMC5125100 (PubMed Central)
  5. A transcription factor network controls cell migration and fate decisions in the developing zebrafish pineal complex. Khuansuwan S, Clanton JA, Dean BJ, Patton JG, Gamse JT (2016) Development 143(14): 2641-50
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  10. Multiplex Conditional Mutagenesis Using Transgenic Expression of Cas9 and sgRNAs. Yin L, Maddison LA, Li M, Kara N, LaFave MC, Varshney GK, Burgess SM, Patton JG, Chen W (2015) Genetics 200(2): 431-41
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  11. miR-216a regulates snx5, a novel notch signaling pathway component, during zebrafish retinal development. Olena AF, Rao MB, Thatcher EJ, Wu SY, Patton JG (2015) Dev Biol 400(1): 72-81
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