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  1. Fibroblast-Mediated Collagen Remodeling Within the Tumor Microenvironment Facilitates Progression of Thyroid Cancers Driven by BrafV600E and Pten Loss. Jolly LA, Novitskiy S, Owens P, Massoll N, Cheng N, Fang W, Moses HL, Franco AT (2016) Cancer Res 76(7): 1804-13
    › Primary publication · 26818109 (PubMed) · PMC4873339 (PubMed Central)
  2. Bone morphogenetic protein signaling promotes tumorigenesis in a murine model of high-grade glioma. Hover LD, Owens P, Munden AL, Wang J, Chambless LB, Hopkins CR, Hong CC, Moses HL, Abel TW (2016) Neuro Oncol 18(7): 928-38
    › Primary publication · 26683138 (PubMed) · PMC4896540 (PubMed Central)
  3. Deletion of the BMP receptor BMPR1a impairs mammary tumor formation and metastasis. Pickup MW, Hover LD, Guo Y, Gorska AE, Chytil A, Novitskiy SV, Moses HL, Owens P (2015) Oncotarget 6(26): 22890-904
    › Primary publication · 26274893 (PubMed) · PMC4673207 (PubMed Central)
  4. Small molecule inhibitor of the bone morphogenetic protein pathway DMH1 reduces ovarian cancer cell growth. Hover LD, Young CD, Bhola NE, Wilson AJ, Khabele D, Hong CC, Moses HL, Owens P (2015) Cancer Lett 368(1): 79-87
    › Primary publication · 26235139 (PubMed) · PMC4554828 (PubMed Central)
  5. Genomic Analysis of the BMP Family in Glioblastomas. Hover LD, Abel TW, Owens P (2015) Transl Oncogenomics : 1-9
    › Primary publication · 25987829 (PubMed) · PMC4406393 (PubMed Central)
  6. TGFβ signaling in myeloid cells regulates mammary carcinoma cell invasion through fibroblast interactions. Shaw AK, Pickup MW, Chytil A, Aakre M, Owens P, Moses HL, Novitskiy SV (2015) PLoS One 10(1): e0117908
    › Primary publication · 25629162 (PubMed) · PMC4309578 (PubMed Central)
  7. Role of TGF-β signaling in generation of CD39+CD73+ myeloid cells in tumors. Ryzhov SV, Pickup MW, Chytil A, Gorska AE, Zhang Q, Owens P, Feoktistov I, Moses HL, Novitskiy SV (2014) J Immunol 193(6): 3155-64
    › Primary publication · 25127858 (PubMed) · PMC4157098 (PubMed Central)
  8. Inhibition of BMP signaling suppresses metastasis in mammary cancer. Owens P, Pickup MW, Novitskiy SV, Giltnane JM, Gorska AE, Hopkins CR, Hong CC, Moses HL (2015) Oncogene 34(19): 2437-49
    › Primary publication · 24998846 (PubMed) · PMC4689138 (PubMed Central)
  9. Molecular profiling of the residual disease of triple-negative breast cancers after neoadjuvant chemotherapy identifies actionable therapeutic targets. Balko JM, Giltnane JM, Wang K, Schwarz LJ, Young CD, Cook RS, Owens P, Sanders ME, Kuba MG, Sánchez V, Kurupi R, Moore PD, Pinto JA, Doimi FD, Gómez H, Horiuchi D, Goga A, Lehmann BD, Bauer JA, Pietenpol JA, Ross JS, Palmer GA, Yelensky R, Cronin M, Miller VA, Stephens PJ, Arteaga CL (2014) Cancer Discov 4(2): 232-45
    › Primary publication · 24356096 (PubMed) · PMC3946308 (PubMed Central)
  10. Activation of MAPK pathways due to DUSP4 loss promotes cancer stem cell-like phenotypes in basal-like breast cancer. Balko JM, Schwarz LJ, Bhola NE, Kurupi R, Owens P, Miller TW, Gómez H, Cook RS, Arteaga CL (2013) Cancer Res 73(20): 6346-58
    › Primary publication · 23966295 (PubMed) · PMC4090144 (PubMed Central)
  11. Stromally derived lysyl oxidase promotes metastasis of transforming growth factor-β-deficient mouse mammary carcinomas. Pickup MW, Laklai H, Acerbi I, Owens P, Gorska AE, Chytil A, Aakre M, Weaver VM, Moses HL (2013) Cancer Res 73(17): 5336-46
    › Primary publication · 23856251 (PubMed) · PMC3766496 (PubMed Central)
  12. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins stimulate mammary fibroblasts to promote mammary carcinoma cell invasion. Owens P, Polikowsky H, Pickup MW, Gorska AE, Jovanovic B, Shaw AK, Novitskiy SV, Hong CC, Moses HL (2013) PLoS One 8(6): e67533
    › Primary publication · 23840733 (PubMed) · PMC3695869 (PubMed Central)
  13. Conditional loss of ErbB3 delays mammary gland hyperplasia induced by mutant PIK3CA without affecting mammary tumor latency, gene expression, or signaling. Young CD, Pfefferle AD, Owens P, Kuba MG, Rexer BN, Balko JM, Sánchez V, Cheng H, Perou CM, Zhao JJ, Cook RS, Arteaga CL (2013) Cancer Res 73(13): 4075-85
    › Primary publication · 23633485 (PubMed) · PMC3702683 (PubMed Central)
  14. Deletion of TGF-β signaling in myeloid cells enhances their anti-tumorigenic properties. Novitskiy SV, Pickup MW, Chytil A, Polosukhina D, Owens P, Moses HL (2012) J Leukoc Biol 92(3): 641-51
    › Primary publication · 22685318 (PubMed) · PMC3427612 (PubMed Central)
  15. TGF-β receptor II loss promotes mammary carcinoma progression by Th17 dependent mechanisms. Novitskiy SV, Pickup MW, Gorska AE, Owens P, Chytil A, Aakre M, Wu H, Shyr Y, Moses HL (2011) Cancer Discov 1(5): 430-41
    › Primary publication · 22408746 (PubMed) · PMC3297196 (PubMed Central)