Wael El-Rifai
Faculty Member
Last active: 4/25/2016


Wael El-Rifai, MD., Ph.D.
H. Williams Scott Jr. Chair in Surgery
Director, Surgical Oncology Research
Professor, Surgery & Cancer Biology

Dr. El-Rifai has a long-standing interest in understanding the modulation of molecular pathways through genetic and epigenetic events. His research is focused on upper gastrointestinal carcinomas (UGCs) with two main goals:

1. Translational OncoGenomics in upper gastrointestinal carcinomas
The El-Rifai laboratory has extensive expertise in the dissection of genetic and epigenetic alterations in upper gastrointestinal carcinomas (UGC). This group of tumors includes distal gastric tumors and proximal adenocarcinomas of the gastroesophageal junctional (GEJ) and lower esophagus. Proximal adenocarcinomas are the fastest rising tumors in the United States as well as in the rest of the western world. In my laboratory, we apply comprehensive, molecular-analysis-approaches with the integration of data in order to understand the molecular anatomy of these tumors. Several high-throughput technologies are utilized in his research. These include comparative genomic hybridization, microarrays, serial analysis of gene expression, and proteomic approaches. The El-Rifai laboratory identified a number of genomic hot spots and has systematically characterized the 1q, 17q, and 20q amplicons by combining the genomic data with gene expression data. At 17q21 he identified and characterized a 168 kb critical amplicon region that contains several known oncogenes side-by-side such as ERBB2, GRB7, and TOP2A. We have collected more than 400 tumors on tissue microarrays. These TMAs are continuously analyzed for identification of the clinical and histopathological significance of molecular alterations. Dr. El-Rifai’s lab was the first group of investigators to reveal Darpp-32 and its isoforms as novel cancer genes.
Our research extends to encompass animal models as tools of identification of tumor development and progression. In this direction, we have obtained TFF1 knockout mice that develop premalignant gastric dysplasia. Dr. El-Rifai laboratory has characterized this model and used it to identify alterations in molecular pathways that occur in a premalignant state. Using this approach, his research group discovered a number of previously unknown genes in gastric tumorigenesis and was able to validate the findings in human premalignant conditions. These genes include GPx3, Claudin-7, and Caveolin.
Dr. El-Rifai has demonstrated DNA promoter hypermethylation as a mechanism of down-regulation and loss of expression of several novel genes such as MT3, MGMT, DAPK, and GPX3. He has further shown that some of these changes are early events initiated in premalignant states such as in Barrett’s dysplasia. Recently, we have added to our laboratory the cutting-edge, pyrosequencing technology (Biotage) for a high through-put, robust, quantitative analysis of promoter CpG methylation sites.

2. Cellular effects and signaling transduction in UGCs
In line with his translational research component, Dr. El-Rifai laboratory is primarily interested in identifying anti-apoptotic/pro-survival targets that contribute to drug resistance. At this time, the work is focused in understanding the p53-dependent and independent mechanisms that contribute to this phenotype. Our work has demonstrated that Darpp-32 is a potent antiapoptotic gene that provides a phenotype that is drug resistant to cancer cells against several chemotherapeutic agents. This drug resistant phenotype was through a p53-independent mechanism that included up-regulation and activation of mitochondrial Bcl2 prosurvival proteins. In my laboratory, we use normal and transformed cells, specific antibodies and purified protein kinases to show phosphorylation controls activity. We continue to establish the oncogenic properties and downstream targets of Darpp-32 and/or t-Darpp in order to understand the signaling pathways that are regulated by Darpp-32 in cancer. In addition to studies on Dar


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Featured publications are shown below:

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